Wood Panel Installation Guide

Suitable for indoor applications, Feature Wall Wood Panels are light and durable, supplied in boxed packaging, and are incredibly easy to install.

Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions.

Download the installation guide.


You Will Need:

  • Feature Wall Wood Panels of your choice
  • Small saw
  • Sander
  • Spirit level
  • Recommended adhesive such as instant grab silicone or MS adhesive


Seven Simple Steps:

Product Prep1. Product Prep

Open the boxes for 24 hours before installation to let the Feature Wall Wood Panels adapt to the temperature and humidity of the environment they will be installed in.

This product should be stored in a horizontal position, stacked to a maximum of ten boxes in a dry environment.

Measure2. Measure

Calculate the surface area to be covered.

Surface Prep3. Surface Prep

Remove any loose paint or plaster and repair any flaking surfaces.

Dust down the prepared surface and remove any grease or dirt.

Adhesive Application4. Adhesive Application

Apply the recommended adhesive to the back of the panel’s surface evenly.

Fitting5. Fitting

Offer the first panel up to the fitting surface and confirm it is square and level, then press it firmly for 5 seconds to ensure the entire panel is flat against the surface. This is necessary to avoid any bulging.

A headless panel pin can also be used if the wall is slightly uneven.

Alignment6. Alignment

To fit the next panel, make sure that its position is aligned with the previous one using the interlocking design.

Finishing7. Finishing

If panels need to be cut down to size, simply tear along a glued joint, the use a saw to cut the wood to the required size.

Any rough edges can be smoothed with a sander if desired.



If using nails or pins to fix the panels, you must ensure there are no hidden pipes or electric cables/fittings.

All adhesives and sealants must be used in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines.


Maintenance and Cleaning

Panels are easy to maintain. They can be wiped with a damp cloth, or using a neutral detergent diluted with water.


All adhesives, sealants and grouts must be used in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.